District 81 State house candidate

These are the citizens, the businesses, and the organizations who have endorsed Rory:


"This [Rory Bricco] is the only man who stopped to help me on Highway 51 when my truck caught on fire while driving down the road. Several people passed and, believe it or not, some people even pointed and laughed. There wasn't much that could be done for the truck, but he did offer to pray with me and I was very appreciative! He also reminded me, 'It's just a truck that can be replaced. Be thankful to be safe.' He definitely has my vote and my sincerest gratitude!" 
-Rianna Heidt Lawrence


"I have known Rory and his wonderful wife for quite a few years now and know him to be a man of principle and a high moral standard. One thing we lack in government is morality and with a vote for Rory Bricco you are voting to restore morality to government. I heartily and with no reservation endorse him to serve the great citizens of our district! " 
-Robin Price

"I've known Rory for years and years, I know the kind of person he is and anybody that doesn't vote for him is making a big mistake!"
-Joel Palmer


TN Women for Honest Government

"I worked with Rory for about 5 years in the early '90s.  Rory was very personable and very helpful; he was always willing to help anyone.  He was a great family man--he always put his family first.  He stood up for what he believed and he wouldn't back down from his principles.  He was always willing to share his faith and he helped me a lot when I had questions about my own faith." 
-Sue Weslowski


"Please join me in supporting Rory "The Brick" Bricco for our TN State Representative District 81!! Rory is a true conservative that I had the privilege of working with many yrs at DuPont - Memphis plant. We enjoyed time off-site as well playing softball and having fun with many co-workers and our families. Please take time to check out "The Brick's" info before voting as our country, starting with each state, needs true conservatives serving us and take our USA back to the true principles we were founded on. Thank you and may GOD continue to bless us all."
-Rachel Carlisle Benedict

"Rory Bricco is THE best person to represent the citizens of Tipton County! If you care about the future of our county, our state, our country..... then you must vote for Rory in the August 7th primary!!!"
-Vicky Higgins


"I'm supporting Rory Bricco because he is a bible based Christian, a businessman and a leader by example. I look forward to hearing of Rory's common sense approach to solving our state's issues. Rory trusts us to make good decisions for ourselves and our families. As one of only 99 representatives, and as a member of the majority party, Rory will have an immediate opportunity to move Tennessee and Tipton Co. toward economic growth and away from dependence on government. His focus on practical education for employment will help many Tipton Co. employees and employers."
-Steve Higgins

"I have known Rory for about four years now and I have never met a more caring and compassionate person. He would make a terrific State Representative He has the knowledge and stamina to get the job done."
  -Katie Scott


"Vote for Rory Bricco on August 7. I voted for him last time. Met him once. He's conservative!"
-Sarah Hollingsworth

"I have known Rory Bricco all my life. He is my father. He is my hero. He is the man that I look up to and respect more than anyone in this world. My entire childhood I watched him run a plant division, a farm, and a family. He worked like a horse and he loved us like a puppy (a big one). I don't know if you have to KNOW my father to see his amazing qualities or not, because they are simply so transparent to me, but this is a man that gives and gives without expecting anything in return; loves beyond when many would turn their backs. He is a problem solver. A jack of all trades and master of many. His enthusiasm about politics is genuine. He wouldn't care if he never gained a thing as long as he changed things for the better, even if for just one person. I stand behind him 1000% and I always will. If you can't see how qualified he is, how brilliant and fired up he is, then call him. Go meet him. You'll see it immediately. My dad actually cares."
-Alayna Bricco Wade
Rory's Daughter



"Rory is a kind and peaceable man but he is positively fearless! He WILL stand up and fight for what is right for Tipton county AND for Tennessee!"
-Janice Ward
Rory's Mother-in-Law

"Alayna Bricco Wade, my grand daughter, (my son Rory Bricco's daughter) said it so very well. I do not know of anyone who has met Rory who does not like and highly respect him. I do know that his dad and I have watched him grow into a man who is a born leader who truly believes in the Lord and follows the Lord's teaching. We pray that you will all support him as we do. You will be very glad you did when you see how he will work to make Tipton County a better place to live."
-Joyce Roberts Bricco
Rory's mother


Read an endorsement by Rory's wife, Tara Clarkson Bricco


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